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Highly selective, early-stage deep-tech investments.

Investing in and developing machine-intelligence based businesses since 1979 that have had a significant impact on the world.

A family history of over 100 years of continuous business creation.

We are fully invested and are therefore not open to evaluating new opportunities.

twentybn - world's largest commercial video data studio
twentybn - Groundbreaking deep learning for human AI interaction
Institutional Quantitative Finance since 2003
Intelligent database retrieval and machine learning for record linkage
Bronze of Franklin Speller - first high-volume consumer e-book - 1986
Franklin: Electronic hand-held encyclopedia - 1991
Miniature precision engineered e-book speller - 1990
World's first electronic Bible e-book - 1989
Franklin - First open but secure operating system for eBookMan 2000
Franklin eBookMan promotion - 2000
First Frankfurt eBook award for technology 2000
Proximity - the leading supplier of computational linguistics - 1985
Founded 1979 - focused entirely on intelligent computer functionality
Proximity PF474 VLSI chip - first dedicated chip for AI - early 1980's
Proximity PF474 cover story - McGraw-Hill's Electronics Magazine 1983
A family tradition of innovation, investment, and integrity
Ranch House Restaurants - East coast USA - 1956 - 1980's
Hotel and motels - from 1950's
Imported groceries from 1920's
Candy and Chocolate manufacturing and retail - Buffalo from 1910's